Earl’s Test Kitchen-Happy Hour Cheap Eats

My BFF was visiting from Toronto last month and we decided to go to Earl’s Test Kitchen to grab some food before watching a movie. It’s located down the block from the Scotiabank theatre on Hornby and Smithe. It’s so convenient there’s no way you can be late for the movie! We watched Guardians of the Galaxy which was pretty funny. This was my first time at this Earl’s. In fact, I think this is the first time I’ve been to any Earl’s in ages! Earl's Test Kitchen Continue reading →

Original Joe’s Happy Hour

My co-worker suggested we hit up Original Joe’s for their happy hour (50% off certain appetizers from 3-6pm) and since I’ve never really gone anywhere for happy hour I thought it was a good idea. Original Joe’s is located above Starbucks on Broadway and Cambie and the entrance is next to La Taqueria. I never really thought about visiting before since it just didn’t look that exciting.

The restaurant is a sports bar with lots of TV’s and even a nice pool table at the back! There were lots of large comfy booth seats as well but the lighting is dim as with most bars/pubs. Not all appetizers are available for the happy hour promotion though although I can’t remember which ones are not available…

Original Joe's Happy Hour

We all agreed that we love Sweet Potato Fries so we had to order it. the fries were long and crispy on the outside but flavour wise it was really meh … they just felt a bit under seasoned and didn’t have that sweet potato flavour. It was disappointing since it is hard to screw up fries but these just tasted kinda weird. Just not the addictive fries I was hoping for. I believe we ordered the chipotle dip but I think they gave us the dill dip instead as evidenced by the dill pieces in the dip.

Original Joe's Happy HourThis was the Chili Lime Chicken which was breaded chicken tossed in a sweet chili sauce with lime, cucumber, crispy chow mein noodles and green onions. This dish was not bad since I really like the sweet chili sauce and it does feel a bit spicy after a few pieces.

Original Joe's Happy Hour

Next we also had the Calamari which came with a tzatziki sauce and also some breaded red peppers, onions and jalapeños. As far as calamari goes, this tasted extremely bland to me even though it looks good. The portion was a good size but it really lacked flavour and you need copious amounts of dip to help it out.

Original Joe's Happy Hour

I love wings so we couldn’t pass up the chance to order some! These were the BBQ Wings which were served with celery and carrots sticks and some ranch dip. The wings were not dry and had a decent amount of meat on them! It probably helped that the wings were coated in a wet sauce too. Each serving is 1lb and has about 8-10 wings.

Orignal Joe's Happy Hour

To further satisfy our wing cravings, we also had an order of Sweet Chili Wings as well! It came with the same sides and the wings were also the same quality as above.

So my favourite items were the wings and then the Chili Lime Chicken. For the happy hour price of $5-6 I can’t really complain about anything. It’s a cheaper chain restaurant so nothing amazing here but I would pass on the calamari and sweet potato fries … Our server wasn’t exactly friendly but she was efficient for sure.

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Joey’s Broadway

My friend decided to have her birthday dinner at Joey’s and I remember a few years ago I also had my birthday dinner here too and it was alright. Apparently they only take 20% reservations and the rest of the space is for walk in customers.

Joey's BroadwayWe started off by sharing some Yam Fries with Truffle Lemon Aioli and grated Grana Padano cheese on top. The fries were good but the acidity from the lemon aioli just didn’t go well with the yam fries but it sounds good in theory. The presentation on the wire basket as also cute.

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The General Public

The General Public is the sister restaurant of the ever popular Eatery on W Broadway. I had a bit of trouble finding this at night because they have a black awning that blends in with the store next door and I didn’t see any obvious store sign. The interior was almost as funky as the Eatery but it was also newer and cleaner looking. However, it was really dark and hard to see the food so please excuse the horrible pictures. I’ve only been to the Eatery once and that was a while ago so I’m not going to compare them but like The Eatery, the menu had some interesting creations with funky names.

Bacon StripteaseWe started off with the Bacon Striptease which was four pieces of egg and flour battered and fried bacon drizzled with maple syrup and spicy mayo.  I think it looks a bit oily here but maybe that’s the maple syrup on top? The pieces of bacon looked big from all the batter but I don’t think it was actually that big. It tasted mostly like syrup and spicy mayo instead of the saltiness of bacon. We still enjoyed the crunchy and sweet combination but I wouldn’t order it again.

The General PublicOn the left we have Sushi PIzza Bites which were deep fried rice patties topped with spicy tuna. These were not bad but it seemed a bit pricey to me and not that special. On the right we have the Japanese Fortress which had spicy tuna and cucumber rolls topped with yam fries and mayo. The yam fries were really good and there was a decent amount too! It was probably better than the roll itself. I also noticed that the rice was falling apart and it looked like it was cut in a sloppy way. Maybe they thought they could hide it under the fries. In the front we have the Tataki Attack which had avocado, crab and scallop wrapped in seared albacore tuna. I didn’t really notice that the tuna was seared but this was a pretty good roll.

We also had a Pork Katsu Donburi but it was flavourless. We had to add copious amounts of soy sauce to it since the breaded pork was on the drier side and had no flavour and the rice was in large dry lumps… It could have used a lot more sauce and there was a lot of rice.

It’s an interesting place to try but it’s mostly for the ambiance and not the food.

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Bubble tea and Vera’s at Aberdeen

I love how the Aberdeen food court has pretty much every type of Asian food you can think of. I stopped by after school to grab some snacks with a friend. It was a bright sunny day and a nice cold drink would be perfect. The only bubble tea place was Estea so I didn’t have much of a choice but I’m not too picky. After staring at the menu indecisively I decided on a peach slush. They offer a selection of standard flavours and some fresh fruit flavours as well.

Estea peach slush It didn’t have much peach flavour at all and was mostly just sweet but pleasant enough for $4.

Vera's yam fries

Then I had an intense craving for fries! Since Vera’s happened to be there we went for their yam fries. Located in the corner next to Teppan Kitchen, it didn’t seem to get a lot of business. Their kitchen looked super clean and unused too. We had to wait a while before anyone came to serve us. For $6 this was a nice portion of fries. The fries were skinnier than I liked them to be but rather crispy and not limp. I also noticed that it wasn’t that greasy either since they served it to us in a paper bag, it wasn’t greasy afterwards. However, I thought they were lacking in flavour somehow and the garlic aioli wasn’t spicy either so I was a bit disappointed but it did the job. I’m really not sure how Vera’s manages to stay in business in this super Asian food court though.

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The Pit Burger Bar-UBC

There really aren’t that many exciting places to eat at UBC but when I had a huge craving for waffle fries from the Burger Bar which is located in the basement of the Student Union Building (SUB).  I soon discovered that they also served yam fries!!! I’m pretty sure this is a new edition to their menu. Well ok since last year I suppose? Other types of fries include: chilli fries, Belgian fries, waffles fries, regular fries and the all-time Canadian favourite, poutine.  Nevertheless, I was quite excited to try it since it only cost $2.95! That is pretty darn cheap!

Yam fries, Burger Bar The fries were fresh out of the fryer and came with a garlic aioli dip, my fave! I don’t know if I’ve been deprived of yam fries for too long or something but these were really good!!! They were nice and crispy and they actually had some yam flavour. The more I ate the more I felt addicted. The dip was also very delicious and had a nice kick to it. I love dips! This was a good sized portion for the price too. I need to get these more before I graduate!

Come here for cheap fries (and burgers)!

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